Order confirmation

A confirmation email for the customer’s order is issued by PrimeRxdrugs after the customer places it. Within 24 hours of placing the order, you will likely receive a second email that follows the confirmation email. This email completes the order and indicates that it will be shipped very soon.

An email is sent to the client addressing the issue if there is one with the payment, such as the payment not being completed.

Verifying the shipment

A verified order will probably be sent out and mailed the same day it is placed. An email is given to the consumer with the order’s tracking number after the shipping is verified on the back end. This email will include all shipping information as well as an estimated delivery date. In order to manually track the order by calling, a “connect with us” option will also be included in this email.

PO Boxes and APO Addresses

If the option is available in the delivery method Primerxdrugs offers, the delivery is delivered to both APO addresses and PO Boxes. By specifying the primary address to the same address, you can configure your delivery to the APO or PO address.


Since Primerxdrugs is situated in India, every order is handled as if it were an import. After clearing customs, a package can encounter a delay. When customs delays occur, they might last anything from a few days to three weeks.

Delivery Schedule

Within 24 to 48 hours of the order being placed, the shipping is completed. The courier service determines how long it will take to deliver the item. It could take up to 21 days to get to you if the customs holds an order. In the event that the order is not delivered within 15 days after placing it, please get in touch with us immediately.

Refund and Return Policy

If your order arrives damaged in any way or not at all, a refund is issued or the product is sent to you once more. This typically depends on the mail made by the customer and can be either refunded or reshipped based on their decision. The minimum waiting period from the day the order is placed is 30 days before a buyer can request a refund. Primerxdrugs provides telephonic support to each of you if you have any questions about the order or the product in general. Everyone is eligible for a refund as long as the product they send back to us may be sold again. The product must only be in its original, sealed packaging, be unused, unopened, and not have passed its expiration date.

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