Cancellation Policy

We strive to complete each and every order that is placed. Please be aware, nevertheless, that there may be certain orders we are unable to fulfil and must cancel. The constraints on the purchasable amounts, the lack of stock, or issues discovered by our credit and fraud prevention department are some of the causes.

If any part or all of your order is cancelled, our Customer Care Team will let you know. If you change your mind about placing an order after your credit card has been charged, the money will be returned to your Card Account.

Fail to Receive Payment

Orders that are unpaid are considered cancelled.

Cancellation by the Customer

If you want to cancel the Order, please get in touch with our Customer Care. If the order has not been processed by us when we get the cancellation notice, we will cancel the order and return the entire amount. Orders that we have already processed or shipped cannot be cancelled by us. In some circumstances, this may occur within 12 hours after your order.

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